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Welcome High Vista Residents/Owners and Other Visitors!

Main Gate Hours are Monday through Saturday 7am to 4pm & Sunday 9am to 4pm
except Holidays when there is no guard on duty.

Office Hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 2pm.

Diana Francis is our Office Manager.
Ana Pattacini is our Property Services Manager.


Lot and resident information may be obtained from the HOA office (Monday - Friday from 10 - 2)
by calling (828) 890-0031 or emailing highvistahoa@hvhoa.net.

Covenants, Bylaws and other documents can be found by clicking on the Documents page.


Please welcome the following new HVHOA Board Members:

Vic Jeter
Carol Overby
Ricky Sayle

For a list of our Board Members and their positions/responsibilites please go to the Board and Staff page.

Notice – Dead Tree Removal at 739 High Vista Drive

Work is scheduled for Thursday, April 28th, to remove a dead tree at 739 High Vista Drive.
This work may involve a large crane truck and other equipment which could impact local traffic.
Please be alert for the crew and equipment, and please use extra caution while driving past this location.

On April 12, 2016 a presentation was made to the Board and the community
to help explain Easements, Rights of Way, Drainage and Utility Easements,
and Drainage Maintenance Responsibilities.

Click here to see a PDF of the presentation.

Enjoy these Photos from the Community Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt March 2016

Newly Revised Architectural Guidelines and Appendices

have been posted to the Documents Page for your review.

Current HVHOA Policies can be found on the Members Only Page.

Your Responsibility

The drainage ditches lie in easements recorded on our individual lots. High Vista HOA Covenant #18
prohibits placing materials in these easements, and also requires that the easement areas
be maintained by the lot owner. Accordingly, lot owners are expected to collect and dispose of leaves
and other yard debris from their private property at their expense.
The HOA does not provide this service.

Please do not blow, rake, or otherwise deposit leaves from your property onto the roads or into the ditches.

The price of a clicker has increased to $35 due to increased clicker cost.
If your clicker stops working or works only sporadically,
you can go to Batteries+Bulbs in the Ingles Shopping Center
on Hendersonville Road across from Earth Fare.
They will check the battery for you and replace it if necessary. 
There is no charge for the service only the battery...much cheaper than a new clicker.

The board has decided that there will no longer be an access code for realtors in the tele-entry system. Each Seller is responsible for providing after hours gate access to realtors.
Sellers should give their listing realtor their 3-digit gate code to be used.
That gate code can be the seller's or a person you designate to handle that for you.
Realtors should provide this number to Showing Time so that all showing realtors
will know how to gain access.

The tele-entry system will now accommodate long distance numbers.
Should you wish to change your phone number in the system, please contact the HOA office.

Road Improvements - On this page presentations made by the Roads Director can be found.

Documents & Policies - Governing documents, policies, a guide to High Vista and forms can be found on this page.

List of Services - Information such as utilities, etc. with company names and contact numbers is provided
as a courtesy to  our property owners and is located on the page.

Board and Staff - Find a listing of our Staff and Board members and a summarized version of their responsibilities.
Also find contact information here.

About Us - Gives a brief overview of our community for visitors.

Members Only - Contains minutes, budget/finance information, vote outcomes, Board presentations,
current year newsletters, current policies and other confidential information.

This page requires a login and password.

(The login and password must be entered in all lowercase letters with no spaces.)

Login and password are available to High Vista property owners
by calling the office between 10 am - 2 pm Monday through Friday or by emailing.

High Vista Amenity Assoc - Information on the Amenity Association and a link to its website.

High Vista Golf Club - Takes you to that website.

To see prior postings of interest, please click here.