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Welcome High Vista Residents/Owners and Other Visitors!

High Vista Residents

High Vista Amenity Association is excited to share this activity/event open to the entire
High Vista community in the month of October.

Trick or Treating

October 31st  begins at 6:30pm
Due to popular demand, there will be door to door trick or treating on Halloween, on Friday, October 31st within the Falls area for all children in High Vista.
Due to the terrain, lack of lighting and proximity of homes, trick or treating is not being promoted in the Estates.
If you live in the Estates and would like to hand out candy to the children trick or treating, the islands on Fairway Falls and/or on Chip Shot court will be designated areas for you.
If you live in the Falls and want to hand out candy leave your porch light on,
if not, please turn it off.

The Board would like to remind all residents of High Vista
to please observe the community's policy of No Feeding Deer.

This policy, passed on August 22, 2013, can be found on the
Documents & Policies page and it is posted below as a reminder:
Policy NO. 1301

Over the past decade, High Vista has experienced a definite increase in the deer population
within the Community. Unfortunately, along with the increase in deer population, there has also been an increase in their feeding on trees, foliage and flowers throughout the subdivision. Use of deer resistant plants, electric fencing and netting only reduces the damage in a very limited area.
While there are differing opinions as to how to address this situation, experts agree that feeding of deer is harmful to the deer population. Fed deer become increasingly tame and are more likely to tolerate human activity. This increases the likelihood of deer/human interactions and conflicts such as personal injury, damage to personal property and motor vehicle collisions. Feeding deer does not prevent deer damage problems. Concentrating deer at feeding stations increases the prospects for disease transmission and can make deer more vulnerable to predation by dogs or coyotes. Deer may become increasingly dependent on supplemental food and lose the wild character that is part of their allure to many people. Fed deer return repeatedly to the same source for food, resulting in a tendency to negatively affect all properties in areas which are frequented by abnormally high concentrations of deer.
It is the opinion of the HOA Board that the first step in dealing with the deer situation is to stop the practice of artificially feeding the deer within the subdivision.


Feeding of deer or any means of encouraging deer to your property (e.g. salt licks) will not be allowed within the confines of the High Vista Subdivision.

Any owner in violation of this Policy is subject to fining per the North Carolina Planned
Community Act which states that—
“Unless a specific procedure for the imposition of fines or suspension of planned community privileges or services is provided for in the declaration, a hearing shall be held before the executive board…to determine if any lot owner should be fined…pursuant to the powers granted to the association in G.S. 47F-3-102(11) and (12). The lot owner charged shall be given notice of the charge, opportunity to be heard and to present evidence, and notice of the decision. If it is decided that a fine should be imposed, a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) may be imposed for the violation and without further hearing, for each day more than five days after the decision that the violation occurs. Such fines shall be assessments secured by liens under G.S. 47F-3-116.”

A new menu item has been added for Road Improvements. On this page presentations made by the Roads Director can be found.

Governing documents, policies, a guide to High Vista and forms can be found on the Documents & Policies page.

Information such as utilities, etc. with company names and contact numbers is provided as a courtesy to our property owners and is located on the List of Services page.

To find a listing of our Board members and their scope of responsibilities see our Board and Staff page.

For information on how to contact our two staff members, please also see our Board and Staff page.

Our Members Only page contains minutes, budget/finance information,
most recent newsletter and other confidential information.
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(The login and password must be entered in all lowercase letters with no spaces.)
Login and password are available to High Vista property owners
by calling the office between 9:30 am - 2 pm Monday through Friday.

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