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Welcome High Vista Residents/Owners and Other Visitors!

Main Gate Hours are Monday through Saturday 7 am to 4 pm and Sunday 9 am to 4 pm.



NOTICE: Country Club Road Repair and Resurfacing Work
to repair and resurface Country Club Road above the High Vista Clubhouse and past the parking lots is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 1.

This section of road will be closed to through-traffic beginning on Monday morning, June 1.

The work may take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Once the work is completed and the road is re-opened, we will notify you again via e-mail.

We recommend that all traffic coming down the mountain travel via High Vista Drive
around the south side of the golf course. Turn right on Country Club Road and exit via the South Gate.

All traffic going up the mountain from the main gate and the Falls will need to
turn left on Country Club Road (toward the South Gate). Turn right onto High Vista Drive
and then proceed up past the south side of the golf course.

Please click here to see the drawing that shows the work zone where the road will be closed.

Please contact Bruce East, Property Service Manager, or Jim Goodnight, Roads Director, at HV_Roads@verizon.net with any questions.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience while a portion of your
special roads assessment fund is invested in this long-anticipated improvement.

Our printer will have our new Resident Directory ready to mail via Greenville
the week of May18th.

The person in charge of mailing for our printer asked that our Board be informed
of the problems involved with our mail needing to go to Greenville for processing now.

This printer was having such a hard time with their mailings that he went to Greenville himself.
He found that Greenville is completely overwhelmed with all the mail going through them
and they cannot handle it.
Some of the mail he had sent 2 weeks prior was still sitting there because Greenville processes
all their own Greenville mail first and anything from this area is last.

That is, no doubt, why the Newsletter and ballots took so long to reach some of our members.

The Greenville Post Office is urging everyone to write to their Congressmen to see if
they can get the facility in Asheville reopened because Greenville cannot handle the load

Congratulations to our New Board Members and sincere thanks to our outgoing Board Members!

Please take a look at our new Board Members, contact emails and the Board assignments HERE.

The Annual Meeting Minutes and Presentations made at our Annual Membership Meeting
are available for your review on our

Photos from our 2015 High Vista Easter Egg Hunt!

Click the link below and click on the first photo to enlarge it.
Then click the forward arrow at the bottom of the photo to see the other enlarged photos.

High Vista Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Road Improvements - On this page presentations made by the Roads Director can be found.

Documents & Policies - Governing documents, policies, a guide to High Vista and forms can be found on this page.

List of Services - Information such as utilities, etc. with company names and contact numbers is provided
as a courtesy to  our property owners and is located on the page.

Board and Staff - Find a listing of our Staff and Board members and a summarized version of their responsibilities.
Also find contact information here.

About Us - Gives a brief overview of our community for visitors.

Members Only - Contains minutes, budget/finance information, Board presentations,
most recent annual newsletter and other confidential information.

This page requires a login and password.

(The login and password must be entered in all lowercase letters with no spaces.)

Login and password are available to High Vista property owners
by calling the office between 9:30 am - 2 pm Monday through Friday or by emailing.

High Vista Amenity Assoc - Information on the Amenity Association and a link to its website.

High Vista Golf Club - Takes you to that website.

Final Report from the Deer Survey conducted in October, 2014.   We have a Policy prohibiting the feeding of deer.