IPM Office
(828) 650-6875

Board Meeting

January 23, 2017

Club House
Laurel Room


Board and Staff

Staff Members - Hours of Operation - 10am to 2pm Weekdays
Name Phone Position
Suzanne Fuller (828) 890-0031 Office Manager
Jan Paul (828) 890-0031 Property Services Manager


Board Members
Position Board Member Job Description Term End
President Susan Semrod Preside at all meetings, legal negotiations; all of theĀ  general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of President of a corporation 2019
Vice President
& Government
Jim Goodnight Fill in for President; oversee communications; HOA sponsored Community events;  Keep abreast of Federal, State, County and local activities and regulations that may impact on HOA; meet with government officials as necessary 2019
Secretary Beth Johnson Record and distribute meeting minutes, alternate check signer and other duties as requested. 2019
Treasurer Vic Jeter Review financials and position of HOA; assist in preparing & overseeing budget; sign checks 2018
Community Improvements Ricky Sayle Landscaping and maintenance of common areas, intersection boxes and entrance areas; holiday decorations; maintain road signage 2018
Mike Cook Work with drainage issues, culverts, ditches, etc. 2019
Housing Mike Breslin Review and approve all proposed construction/alteration plans and issue HOA building permits; monitor ongoing construction; approve tree removal 2019
Roads Sam Secrest Maintain all neighborhood roads; snow and ice removal; mowing and maintenance of road shoulders; speed bumps 2019
Security Carol Overby Oversee Main gate guards; maintain all gates; monitor speeding issues; monitor uncontrolled animals; work with emergency services 2018