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January 23, 2017

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High Vista Roads

Improvements and Updates

Your Responsibility

The drainage ditches lie in easements recorded on our individual lots. High Vista HOA Covenant #18
prohibits placing materials in these easements, and also requires that the easement areas
be maintained by the lot owner. Accordingly, lot owners are expected to collect and dispose of leaves
and other yard debris from their private property at their expense.
The HOA does not provide this service.

Please do not blow, rake, or otherwise deposit leaves from your property onto the roads or into the ditches.

The Roads Director's converted PowerPoint presentations are listed below.
Click on a presentation to view it in PDF format.

Click image to download Adobe Reader if needed.



5 Year Road Plan - Presented in March, 2013 - Explains Conditions as of March 2013
and Necessary Improvements


June 27, 2017 Roads Report

April 25, 2017 End of Term Roads Report

March 28, 2017 Roads Report

February 28, 2017 Roads Report

January 24, 2017 Roads Report

December 6, 2016 Roads Report

October 25, 2016 Roads Report

August 30, 2016 Roads Report


July 26, 2016 Roads Report


May 24, 2016 Roads Report


April 26, 2016 Roads Report


March 22, 2016 Roads Report


February 2, 2016 Roads Report


November 24, 2015 Roads Report


September 29, 2015 Roads Report


August 25, 2015 Roads Report


July 28, 2015 Roads Report


June 23, 2015 After Storm Report


May 26, 2015 Roads Report


March, 2015 Update and Tree Canopy Management Committee Report


January, 2015 Update


August, 2014 Update


June, 2014 Update


April, 2014 Annual Meeting Update


March, 2014 Update


November, 2013 Update


October, 2013 Update


September, 2013 Update


August, 2013 Update


July, 2013 Update